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Commercial Craft Propulsion Solutions

ZF Marine’s complete line of transmissions, commercial thrusters, propellers, shafts and control systems offers the control, reliability and operating speed you require. Our high-performance integrated propulsion packages and shaftline systems will fit your specific commercial craft needs. Our vast experience working with engine manufacturers, naval architects and ship builders gives us a knowledge advantage unmatched in this industry. A team of sales engineering specialists reviews your specific vessel design or profile, so that the result is a customized turnkey solution designed just for you.

This type of partnership provides:

  • An optimized engineering solution
  • Full integration of the complete propulsion system installation
  • Exact definition of all interfaces in the driveline, control and monitoring systems
  • Reduced time and costs by working closely with your naval architect and/or shipyard
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to “single service” responsibility

Synergy on Water

Application: Harbor Tug
Vessel Name: Shuswap
Owner: Sampson Tug Boats Inc.
Location: BC, Canada
ZF Product: 2 x ZF AT 6311 WM-FP Azimuthing Thrusters (per vessel)

Application: Inland River Tug
Vessel Name: David Stegbauer, Scott Stegbauer, Arne C Stegbauer, Frank T. Stegbauer
Owner: Southern Towing
Location: Memphis, TN
ZF Product: 2 x ZF AT 6311 WM-FP Azimuthing Thrusters (per vessel)

Application: Crewboat
Vessel Name: Fast Tempo
Owner: Edison Chouest
Location: Galiano, LA
ZF Components: 4 x ZF 4650 Dynamic Positioning ready transmissions, ZF Premium Clear Command Controls

Application: High Speed Passenger Ferry
Vessel Name: Alakai, Huakai
Owner: MARAD (formerly Hawaii Superferry)
Location: Norfolk, VA
ZF Components: 4 x ZF 53000 Transmissions

Application: Megayacht
Vessel Name: DB9
Manufacturer: Palmer Johnson
Location: Great Britain
ZF Components: 2 x ZF 9050V Transmissions

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